Clarry CST Pellet Stove
Photo by Clarry Pellet Stove
The CST Pellet Stove was invented with hunters in mind.

Just because your hunting cabin or line shed doesn’t have electricity doesn’t mean that it can’t be warm.

The patented air induction design of the certified Clarry® Stove Model Pellet Stove makes it burn efficiently and economically. The gravity feed system eliminates any need for external power. One 40-pound bag of pellets provides enough heat for eight hours of comfort.

Just set it up, pour in the pellets, stack some wax sawdust firesticks in the ash drawer, and light the fire. You’ll be warm in just a few minutes.

Unlike some pellet stoves that tend to fill the surrounding area with smoke and soot, these pellets burn very clean, creating a layer of fine fly-ash as their only byproduct.

The CST Pellet Stove features:
• Fire chamber and heat exchanger constructed of steel tubing with baked-on stove paint.
• Compact and sturdy, with unique air induction design.
• Innovative gravity-feed – no external energy source required.
• Convection heating results in immediate heat.
• Minimal ash byproduct.
• Easy-access ash dispenser drawer functions as air damper.
• Unique blast-gate technology allows you to shut off the fuel feed, for increased economy and safety.
• Removable long lasting stainless steel fire grates.

• Fuel consumption: 5 lbs/hr.
• Primary fuel: Premium wood pellets
• Starter fuel: Wax sawdust firesticks
• Installation: Minimum clearance of 31″ from any combustible surface. (Refer to your certified stove owner’s manual and local building codes for specific clearances, and the tent manufacturer’s requirements if used in a tent.)
• Heat Output: Reaches temperatures exceeding 900 degrees at the fire chamber and 500 degrees at the heat exchanger within 15 minutes. One 40-lb. sack of premium pellets will provide up to eight hours of even heat.

• Height: 37”
• Minimum ground clearance: 15.5”
• Hopper: Holds one 40-lb. bag
• Total weight: 110 lbs.

To learn more about the CST Pellet Stove and other CST products visit their website,, or call (844) 4- CLARRY.

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