Chainsaws are large, heavy and can be tough to transport quickly.

With that in mind, ThinkGeek develop an easily transportable chainsaw: the pocket chainsaw.

Each Pocket Chainsaw comes curled up in a tin. Users who unfold the 28-inch chain will be instantly enamored by the high strength, heat-treated steel links and teeth.

Users can loop on the hooks if they want to just use a finger to pull each side (great for lighter jobs), or add the hooks and then the handles for full hand pulling (for bigger jobs). Users must simply wrap the limb they wish to cut and then pull back and forth.

The Pocket Chainsaw works fast and it works clean, cutting in both directions due to the bi-directional teeth. A 3-inch limb can be cut in less than 10 seconds.

Easy to store, the Pocket Chainsaw can be kept in a car, household emergency kit or zombie preparedness pack.

The Pocket Chainsaw retails for $29.99 and is available now.

For more information on the Pocket Chainsaw and other products from ThinkGeek, please visit


  • Cuts 3-inch diameter limbs in 10 seconds (or less)
  • Made of high strength, heat-treated steel – specially coated for rust resistance
  • Saw in can weighs only 5 ounces
  • 124 bi-directional teeth
  • Includes: saw, hooks, handles and carrying can
  • Dimensions: 28-inch long saw (when uncoiled)

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