Do you know how to tell if your stock fits your body?

Boyds Gunstock,  a leading manufacturer of high-quality hardwood gunstocks, knows that having a fire arm that fits your body is extremely important for any shooter.

When a firearm does not fit you properly you can experience excessive muzzle jumps and recoil, both of which are unsafe. The problem is that many gun manufacturers make gunstocks in a “one size fits all” model.

Boyds recently conducted a test on a large group of adult shooter and found that 62% of adults did not fit the average length of gunstock provided to them. This means that the majority of people should be shooting a different length stock than what they currently are.

The key to finding out whether or not your gunstock is the right length for your body is by measuring the length of pull. The length of pull is measured from the center of the trigger to the center of the recoil pad or buttplate.

In this highly comprehensive video, Randy Boyd gives viewers step-by-step instructions for how to measure their firearm’s gunstock to figure out the length of pull.

Many people will come to find that their gunstock is not the right size for their body. This issue often goes ignored becuase of how expensive it can be to get a custom fitted gunstock. However, Boyds Gunstocks is now making custom length-of-pull features for an affordable price that will be ready in 5 days or less from the time of order.

To learn more about Boyd’s Gunstock’s products and services visit their website, or call (605)996-5011

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