mudslide in Western Washington
Photo by AP Photo/Ted S. Warren
People walk along a flooded street near a landslide that caused the evacuation of several homes, Monday, Jan. 5, 2015 in Hoquiam, Washington.

Nearly 200 people in the city of Hoquiam, Wash. were left stranded in their neighborhood on Monday, Jan. 5, 2015 after a mudslide  caused by heavy rains blocked the only road out of the area.

A string of mudslides have been seen in the area after more than 5 inches of rain feel in a 24-hour span, also causing flooding throughout the region.

The Weather Channel reports:

“Mudslides from a waterlogged hillside washed out the foundations of three homes, threatened others and forced the precautionary evacuation of about 60 nursing home residents, authorities said.” report:

“The slide came down on Beacon Hill Drive. City officials say the road could be blocked for days, but on Monday afternoon, some residents were being escorted to and from their homes via a logging road.

The Coast Guard was on stand-by in case there was a medical emergency and someone needed to be airlifted out.”

Although the the rain had subsided by Monday night,  river levels are expected to stay high for days, and the threat of mudslides could linger.

Local Hoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers is urging residents to leave their homes along an eight-block stretch of Queets Avenue at the base of Beacon Hill because of the danger that the whole bluff could give way.


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