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Photo by has a flu tracker on their website that allows you to track and predict the severity of the flu in your area by typing in your sip code.

Flu season began early in the U.S this year and it is hitting the population hard.

As of late December the virus reached epidemic status, and although those numbers dipped after the holiday season, the number of states showing widespread cases increased from 36 to 43 in just one week.

According to the Center for Disease Control, Twenty-one children have been killed by the flu this season.

Almost all flu cases this season have been a strain known as Influenza A (H3N2). H3N2 seasons are generally worse than others, and this year’s flu vaccine is not as affective as it has been in the past, so it will provide less protection than in other years. However, the CDC continues to encourage people to get their vaccinations as soon as possible.

As the flu begins to spread rapidly across the nation, it is important to be informed about the severity and rate at which the virus is effecting your region. That is why websites such as have created Flu Trackers.

The Mayo Clinic Flu Tracker allows you to see the severity of the flu virus in your area as well as follow flu-risk trends and predictions.

The cold winter months now upon us and this strain of the flu virus is expected to peak during the month of January, so make sure that you receive your vaccination and follow the proper precautionary measures to avoid getting the flu this season.

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