Wolverine Alaskan Wilderness
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Man Survives Sub-Zero Temps, Wolverine Attack in Alaskan Wilderness

The trek from Wainright to Barrow is approximately 80 miles across Alaska’s most northern wilderness where temperatures drop well below zero.

On Dec. 15, 38-year-old Alaskan native Craig Johnson was subjected to the worst Alaska’s wilderness has to offer on the aforementioned trek and made it out alive.

Johnson was traveling to visit family in Barrow when, 50 miles into the pitch black trip, his snowmobile fell through the ice, taking Johnson with it.

Johnson was covered in freezing ice water and suffered a punctured lung. Still, the father of two pulled himself out of the water and continued his journey by foot.

“I almost gave up … But I couldn’t give up. I had to do it for my boys, my family,” Johnson told ABC News. “I think it’s a miracle that I’m alive.”

With his family in mind, Johnson marched forward, but was confronted with something even worse than the sub-zero temperatures.

Johnson told ABC News that he could hear wolverine stalking him from behind.

After warning shots failed to scare off the animal, Johnson said he used a stick to defend himself. He then stumbled upon a wooden box that he used as shelter.

That shelter would come in handy as he struggled to survive for three days. Helicopters passed overhead as Johnson had been reported missing by family.

Temperatures dropped to 35 degrees below zero, ABC News reported, when Johnson’s cousin, approached the area he was in. He was alerted to Johnson’s position by yells coming from the shelter.

Saved from the wilderness, Johnson was treated for frostbite and returned to his family.

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