Rob Konrad Miami Dolphins swim

A nine-mile swim in freezing cold water in the pitch black of night would seem near impossible to most.

Rob Konrad, formerly a fullback for the Miami Dolphins, was put into that exact situation and lived to tell about it.

The 6-foot-3, 255-pound Konrad was forced to swim to shore after falling off his boat, according to WPBF-TV.

     Konrad told [the Coast Guard] he was idling in his fishing boat, caught a fish, and while trying to land it, fell off the boat.

     The boat kept going and Konrad started swimming in the cold, dark ocean.

     More than 10 hours later, he made it ashore in Palm Beach, and walked up to the oceanfront mansion of the late Palm Beach attorney Robert Montgomery, where he told a police officer what happened.

A search was launched for Konrad after he failed to return on time from his trip, however, Coast Guard helicopters did not spot him. He was treated for hypothermia once arriving on shore.

“He was lucky he was able to swim nine miles throughout the night in the dark in the frigid waters,” Coast Guard public affairs specialist Mark Barney told “He was pretty exhausted.”

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