Farming and house building has been hard on my hands this summer. I’ve found an easy, inexpensive solution that scrubs the grime off and leaves my hands soft and clean. I added lanolin to this recipe because it is a great moisturizer and stays on your skin for a long time (lanolin is the oil that comes off of sheep wool when it’s boiled). I also added rose hips and rose petals for the vitamins which are supposed to be good for your skin. You can add a few drops of essential oils if you’d like.


• 1 to 1½ cups of rose petals/hips

• 1 tablespoon pure lanolin

• ½ cup coconut oil

• 2 cups turbinado sugar (coarse grain)

Directions: Dry the rose petals and hips. Put them in a blender and blend for several seconds. Put the coconut oil and lanolin in a glass container and microwave for about a minute, until the coconut oil has melted. The lanolin has a lower melting temperature, so stir gently until it has melted in.

Find a glass container that will hold at least 3 cups and has a tight-fitting lid. Add the sugar, then mix in the roses. Pour in the oils while stirring. The sugar will not melt, as the crystals get coated with the oils. Make sure to scrape the sides and bottom well. Finally, label your jar. The oils will solidify at room temperature. Measure out a spoonful at a time for daily use.

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