SureFire Titan LED Keychain Light
SureFire's Titan Is the Ultimate LED Keychain Light

The ultra-compact, dual-output Titan is a professional-grade keychain light — the first of its kind — that’s painstakingly designed to always be with you.

Built to SureFire’s highest standards, this rugged light goes wherever you go and is ready to take on most any emergency, large or small.

The Titan’s virtually indestructible LED is surrounded by a proprietary faceted reflector to create SureFire’s flawless MaxVision Beam—a wide beam that’s evenly dispersed and perfect for closer-range activities and applications.

An included rechargeable Eneloop AAA NiMH battery powers the light for hours on a single charge on Titan’s low 15-lumen setting; up to 30 minutes on its 125-lumen high setting.

The LED is activated and the output level set with a simple counterclockwise twist of the head.

A rugged aluminum body — which features a stainless steel ring attached to its tailcap to hold your keys — is only three inches long, making Titan highly portable and lightweight. It’s also very affordable, so you can prepare for the worst by carrying the best.

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