Who's up for another explosive round of slow-motion archery?

Posted by Archery 360 on Sunday, January 11, 2015

This month Archery 360 has released a series of stunning videos that capture some of their archers shooting through eggs, light bulbs, bottles, water balloon and more. Each shot is shown in super slow motion, allowing you to see just how powerful and accurate the shots taken by these archers with their compound bow really is.

Archery 360 is an organization that take the idea of becoming an archer and makes it real by creating and releasing fresh content covering how to shoot and where to get started. They cover archery-related news, focusing on event culture, sport lifestyle and entertainment.

Archery 360
Screen Shot from Archery 360 video

Whether you are an athlete, an archery super fan, an outdoor adventurist or a backyard bowman Archery’s 360 website provides their visitors with the best of what archery’s all about: precision, focus, mental discipline and a steady hand.

Through collaboration with archery-centric organizations and businesses, Archery 360 is the Archery Trade Association’s effort to give those new to the sport a central location to find the resources and tools to get started.

To learn more about archery and Archery 360’s mission visit www.archery360.com.

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