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Personna, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality carpet blades and bladed tools has unveiled a new line of featured products that include ArmorEdge™ Carpet Blades, which raise the bar for sharpness and durability, and the White Lightning™ Aluminum Fixed Blade Carpet Knife.

Recognized as the leader in carpet blades and bladed tools, Personna’s carpet blades and knives push the boundaries of blade technology to new heights. Living up to its 140-year tradition of quality and innovation, the ArmorEdge Carpet Blades are the sharpest and most durable ever made by Personna.

In addition to ArmorEdge Carpet Blades, Personna also manufactures AmorEdge LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) Blades – an excellent product for installers of LVT, the hottest new product in the flooring industry.

The White Lightning Aluminum Fixed Blade Carpet Knife is the re-design of a 20-year old classic. This carpet knife was given a complete makeover last year with a new design that delivers all the features the pro end-user wants.

Bob Senesac, Director of Marketing at Personna said, “We never stop working on new ways to improve our blades. As we spend more time researching the physics of the cut, we learn more. We believe our products will continue to lead the way in performance for many years to come, and will continue to show a real value for users versus other brands. With 140 years of blade making history, we feel confident in our ability to continue to drive the carpet blade business forward.”

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