There are countless scenarios that can result in you being alone at night in the woods with nothing but a small-caliber pistol and a knife. Whether you get lost on a hike, your 4×4 breaks down on some backwoods trail, or you’re involved in an automobile accident or some unpredictable act of nature, there you are: alone, injured and in the dark.

In most situations a prudent individual will have a few supplies, maybe even an emergency kit and a flashlight, but there are circumstances where the addition of one state-of-the-art accessory can truly make a difference. For many, including U.S. Air Force Pararescuemen, that accessory is SureFire’s 2211 Luminox WristLight and watch.

The SureFire 2211 is currently in use by Pararescuemen who serve on aircraft used for the extraction of wounded personnel. They are using the SureFire 2211 because it does not illuminate the inside of an aircraft like a tactical light mounted on their head or chest would; when worn on the wrist, the SureFire 2211 can specifically illuminate any equipment in use as well as the injury being treated during a medical procedure.

The same can apply to someone forced to survive in the outdoors. This includes illuminating a small work area (there are three brightness settings: 300 lumens, 60 lumens and 15 lumens), or, in the event of an injury, eliminating the need to hold a tactical light and allowing both hands to be free. There is also the tactical side of the 2211. The watch’s tactical light is designed to automatically align downrange from a pistol held in a two-handed grip and fully illuminate a target area at close to medium range. Created with input from law enforcement professionals, the 2211’s broad, powerful beam is also capable of blinding an aggressor’s night-adapted vision.

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Rescue Resource

During nighttime scenarios, I used the 2211 for illumination to identify a potential threat in a wooded area, to illuminate the application of a field dressing after an injury, to find a lost item in the dark and illuminate a wooded path.

The 2211 adds one additional feature, a Luminox tactical watch. The classic Luminox watch (requested by and supplied to U.S. Navy SEALs, the U.S. Air Force, the FBI, the Secret Service, and law enforcement agencies) features a Swiss quartz movement, a unidirectional rotating bezel with timer markings and self-illuminating tritium gas hands and markers that glow bright in low-light or dark conditions.

The watch has a hardened, scratch-resistant mineral crystal and gasket sealing for waterproofing. The hard-anodized, gasket-sealed body houses the LED optic, push-button switching, a USB charge port and a power gauge.

The full-power, 300-lumen setting has a runtime of approximately one hour, while the lower settings can provide illumination lasting up to 13 hours. The built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion battery can be charged at home via a wall socket, or in the field through a laptop with the included micro-USB cable and charger. An auxiliary cell phone battery can also be used to recharge the tactical light.

A watch can be an essential survival tool, but one with a built-in tactical light can be a lifesaver! The SureFire 2211 Luminox WristLight retails for $795. For more information, visit or call 800-828-8809.

This article was originally published in the SURVIVOR’S EDGE ™ Winter 2015 issue. Subscription is available in print and digital editions here.

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