While compact autopistols have recently been making significant strides in the ever-popular CCW category of firearms, there is just something enduringly appealing about the tried-and-true snubbie revolver. With its simple operation, minimum of controls and rock-solid reliability, the mini wheelgun is a great choice for any close-range self-defense user. And with top makers churning out new offerings that retain the solid benefits of the traditional revolver while adding cutting-edge materials and/or design, there are more to choose from than at any time in the past. From the micro-sized North American Arms series of wheelguns to ultra-powerful centerfire magnum alternatives, there is likely a snubbie wheelgun out there ideal for your needs. Read on to see some of the top options available today.

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For more information contact:

Rock Island Armory; 775-537-1444

North American Arms; 800-821-5783

Rossi; 800-948-8029


Smith & Wesson; 800-331-0852

Charter Arms; 203-922-1652


Taurus; 800-327-3776

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