When looking for a pair of work gloves it is important to find a pair that will that keep your hands safe, and allow you to do your job, whatever that job may be.

HexArmor has made it their mission to design products for hands, arms, and body that deliver the highest possible levels of protection, without sacrificing comfort and dexterity. Each product is submitted to rigorous test that have produced ground-breaking results in the areas of cut, puncture, needle, impact and abrasion resistance.

Realizing that cold weather can lead to a loss in feeling and facility, resulting in a serious threat to your hand safety, HexArmor aimed at producing a waterproof and thermal-resistant glove that also allows for optimal dexterity.  The result is the Rig Lizard Arctic 2023, which provides the greatest comfort and range of motion you will get from a thermal rig and mining glove.  These features supplement the industry’s most advanced Impact Exoskeleton, and a synthetic grip, creating the new standard for a cold-weather oil and gas protective glove.


  • Dynamic combination of H2X and C40 Thinsulate interior liners for waterproof and cold-resistance
  • Durable TP-X palm utilizes the highest-level abrasion resistance while maintaining oil-resistant grip
  • Synthetic palm with unique stitching pattern offers unrivaled comfort and dexterity
  • Full impact-resistant exoskeleton with high-performance IR-X smash guards provides greater impact protection than the leading competitor
  • Additional IR-X guard between thumb and index finger secures common pinch and catch points
  • Reinforced index finger and thumb crotch extends glove life
  • Exterior seams implement a double stitched core-spun thread, adding further durability and longevity
  • SlipFit cuff adds comfort and convenience
  • Hi-vis color scheme increases visual awareness
  • ISEA level 3 cut and puncture protection
  • Machine washable

For more information on the Rig Lizard Arctic 2023 and other HexArmor products visit; 877- 668-3675

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