L.T. Wright has been making custom knives for years now, but now for a limited time they are  letting their customers do the customizing.

The “As You Wish” knife building is where you get to choose from different options for more of a custom feel. This first one will offer 5 scale choices, 6 liner choices, 3 handle finishes, 2 sheaths, 1 steel, and 1 grind. That’s 180 different possible combinations! Want natural resitin scales with a toxic green liner and a mountain wood finish? How about  green/black resitin scales with an orange liner and a bead blasted finish? Done and done.  The price on the knife can be anywhere from $165-$345 depending on what custom features you would like to include. You may also choose to add a matching fire steel and choose between a leather or kydex sheath.

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The knife blank will be a Bushcrafter. Steel is A2 with a Scandi grind.

Once your submit your semi-custom knife order, the crafters at L.T. Wright will get to work designing your dream knife. The blanks are heat treated and ready to go. Build order is first come first served and turn around time is approximately three weeks from the final OK. The web page will have a form where you can select all of your options and submit the form for pricing.

Like all of L.T. Wright’s handcrafted knives, the “As You Wish” knives come with a lifetime guarantee.

To learn more about these and other L.T. Wright products visit their website, or call 740 317-1404

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