Over the years Gift Cards have become one of the most popular presents.  But, one of the biggest downsides of gift cards is the waste that they create after someone is finished using it.

One survival gear company has gone the extra step to make their gift cards multi-functional, allowing you to convert your Gift Card into a kindling kit!

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Wazoo Survival Gear, a young company based out of Texas, wants all of their products to serve multiple purposes and be highly functional. That’s why they created a Gift Card that can also be used as an Emergency Fire Starter

This card can be carried long after the person has burned through it’s monetary value and kept with them so that they always have some potentially lifesaving fire starting fuel.

The Kindling Gift Card is made of wood and has been designed so that it can be broken into individual pieces and reassembled into a highly-efficient kindling structure. The card is COMPLETELY made here in the USA on USA made equipment. Even the wood is from trees found here in the U.S.

Upon purchase, a card with the value along with a unique code will be mailed to the address supplied. The recipient can apply the card’s value via the discount code toward any Wazoo product. According to Wazoo, “A digital version of the gift card will be emailed too but is far less flammable”

To learn more about the Kindling Gift Card and other Wazoo Survival Gear products visit, or call 281-846-4633.

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