Do 1 Thing Survival Group SEDGE Spring 2015
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If you have a family with children or an elderly parent, then this is your immediate survival group. If both spouses have useful, overlapping capabilities then the family unit will be stronger. If the children are old enough to offer assistance, so much the better.

When a natural disaster strikes it impacts an entire community.  The key to overcoming the potentially devistating impact of a disaster is coming together as a community and preparing.

Do 1 Thing is a non-profit organization that wants to help build stronger communities. When people in your community are prepared, emergency responders can help more people. When people are prepared themselves, they can help their neighbors.

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Do 1 Thing uses a web-based, twelve-month preparedness program that focuses on a different area of emergency preparedness each month. The monthly themes are as follows:

January: Make A Plan
February: Water
March: Shelter
April: Food
May: Work, School & Community
June: Unique Family Needs
July: Family Communication Plan
August: Get Involved
September: Be Informed
October: Power
November: Emergency Supplies
December: First Aid

If you follow along for an entire year, you will be better prepared to handle most disasters and emergencies. You can jump in anytime and you don’t have to do things in any order. You can choose whatever topic you like.

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To keep you on track,Do 1 Thing will send you an email reminder of this month’s topic. If you sign up, the website will help you keep track of your progress. It’s free, completely optional and your information is secure.

If you want to help your community to prepare for all hazards and become disaster resilient visit, sign up for the 12-month program and spread the word!

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