Panteao Productions has just announce the release of their next video title in the new Make Ready to Survive instructional video series: Make Ready to Survive: Bugging Out.

Bugging out. Entire books are written on this subject. In fact the subject warranted its own video in the Make Ready to Survive series.

Panteao asks you, are you prepared for having to leave where you are in a hurry? How about your family? What will you take with you?

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In this video instructors Paul Howe, Dave Canterbury, Jim Cobb, Kyle Harth, and N.E. MacDougald review the bug out bag, the different option between store bought assembled kits and putting the gear together yourself, what gear is essential for your bug out or get home bag, what specific tools and gear they keep in their bags, the pros and cons with different products, rehearsing the bug out plan, navigation, special considerations for bug out planning, and much more. If you like reviewing gear options this video is for you. Equally important, these expert instructors take the mystery out of gear selection and give you a down to earth approach to picking what you will end up relying on for both short and long term use.

To order your copy of Make Ready To Survive: Bugging Out click here. For more information on Panteao Productions and the Make Ready To Survive video series visit

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