The most important thing to remember when carrying a CCW is to make sure that it stays concealed. This is especially important when the weapon is not directly on your person.

When carrying your CCW in a bag, you should feel confident that your weapon is secure, but also accessible when you need it.

The Mini Pac Mat by CrossBreed offers a safe and secure way to carry in briefcases, messenger bags, bugout bags, backpacks, etc.

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The Mini Pac Mat is a combination of a CrossBreed modular holster and a sturdy kydex flat panel lined with loop velcro. The modular holster ensures that your firearm will stay secure while keeping foreign objects out of the trigger area and can be adjusted to accommodate different bags and draw preferences. The same holster may be used with many other modular systems from CrossBreed. The Mini Pac Mat is available in Right or Left hand draw and measures 6” x 6”.

The Mini Pac Mat is customized to fit dozens of different gun models from Beretta, Colt, Kahr, Glock, Ruger, S&W, Sig, Taurus and more.

Choose the optional HOOK velcro to attach to the back side of the pac mat for even more security when placing it in a bag where loop velcro is already integrated.

For more infomation on the Crossbreed Mini Pac Mat and other CrossBreed products visit

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