A dog is one of the best backwoods companions. They keep us company, offer us protection and are hard workers in the field. With a companion this reliable you’ll want to be able to keep an eye on them in low visibility situations.

Brite-Strike, a leader in tactical illumination tools for military and law enforcement, now offers dog owners the Sport Dog LED Collar, a tough, solar/USB rechargeable illuminated collar for upland hunting dogs.

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The Brite-Strike Sport Dog LED Collar is a technologically designed collar that helps locate, protect and identify your canine companion. The collar incorporates LED technology that powers internal fiber optic tubes the length of the collar providing illumination during low light conditions. A durable small solar panel is integrated on the collar’s buckle and fully recharges the battery within eight hours. This resourceful, advanced collar also has a USB port that allows users to charge the collar in 3 hours.

The Sport Dog LED Collar protects your canine in the field, on the job, or around the home by providing a visible indicator that can be seen up to a half mile away. The collar is shockproof, waterproof, and dust-proof and has a list price of $50.00.

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  • MODES: On/Strobe/Off
  • Available in three sizes
    • Small (11-3/4” -17 ¾”)
    • Medium (15-3/4” -21 1/2”)
    • Large (17-3/4” – 23 ½”)
  • Rechargeable Lith-Ion battery
  • 5 hours continuous use
  • Requires 8 hours of sunlight for full solar charge
  • Requires 3 hours for full charge through USB
  • MSRP: $50.00



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