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Certain dog breeds have been used by people for centuries to protect their herds and home

Dogs have long been thought of as man’s best friend. Not only are dogs fun to be around; they also offer us comfort and protection when we need it most.

This Valentine’s Day, Big Heart Pet Brands sought to find out how much people across the U.S. really love their dogs. Based on a survey of 3,000 U.S. dog owners the top 25 most dog loving states are as follows:

1. California
2. New York
3. Washington
4. Tennessee
5. Florida
6. Massachusetts
7. Texas
8. Missouri
9. Ohio
10. Arizona
11. Pennsylvania
12. Michigan
13. New Hampshire
14. Kentucky
15. Montana
16. Colorado
17. Louisiana
18. North Dakota
19. Illinois
20. Delaware
21. Kansas
22. Wisconsin
23. Alabama
24. Virginia
25. Arkansas

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The survey also touched on the common belief that women find men with dogs more attractive. The results are in and the answer is…yes! 66% of the women interviewed said that they find men who are dog owners to be more attractive than those who are not dog owners. 79% of women found men even more attractive when they expressed outward affection to their dogs.

However, result also show that Valentine’s Day may be going to the dogs… literally! When asked who they would rather spend Valentine’s Day with – their dog or a romantic partner – 39% of unmarried women preferred to spend the day with their four-legged companions. Sorry Guys!

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While participant’s feelings about other dog owners varied, it was clear that dog owners have mutual feelings for why they are grateful to have a dog in their lives. When asked how their dogs make their lives better, 86% of participant said that their dog brought them comfort, and 71% said that their dogs remind them to seek out more joy in life.

So, this Valentine’s Day, make sure to remember your furry companion and show them some love!



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