There are many places around the country where carrying a firearm is prohibited. In situations like that you need to look at alternatives to a firearm. While certain jurisdictions have almost draconian laws on weapons, we must look at one of the best alternatives, the Kimber PepperBlaster II.

Disabling Gel

Developed as the pinnacle of pepper-spray technology, it delivers on every claim. The formula used is three times more effective than current commercial sprays and is capable of disabling an attacker for up to 45 minutes. Even more important is that it is not an aerosol. In fact, the PepperBlaster II is not even a spray but rather an advanced launching device for its devastating OC gel.

Pepper Pistol

Designed to mimic the feel and operation of a small pistol, the device allows for solid, accurate shots. Its unique design even provides for a second shot if needed. Sporting a swing-away triggerguard you can feel confident in carrying it without fear of accidental discharge. Its ambidextrous design allows it to be used with the right or left hand, and at any angle. Subjects hit with a shot from the PepperBlaster II will experience extreme burning sensations as well as temporary loss of vison and airway irritation. This causes an incapacitation more than sufficient to allow you to escape to safety.

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There are many chemical sprays on the market, but only one company has taken the time and effort to truly improve on the idea. The PepperBlaster II is the new standard and one that all other devices will be measured against in the future.

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