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Life jackets are a necessity for everyone out on the ocean.

Fishermen are veterans of the sea. Few people know the water better than a fisherman. Yet, some fishermen completely disregard important safety practices that, more often than not, can save a life.

Two fishermen were caught in a tough situation off the coast of northeastern New Zealand when their boat sank, but their life vests were in hand.

Jason Yorke and Lyndon Enright, both 39, were fishing more than a mile off the shore of Papamoa Beach when their 10-foot aluminum boat was hit with a wave and started sinking.

As they got in the water, Yorke and Enright were forced to grab hold of a bin filled with snapper in order to stay afloat.

Three tiring hours later, the duo both made it back to shore.

Senior Sergeant Glenn Saunders of Tauranga Police told Radio Bollybop 105.4 that the life jackets made the situation a lot easier.

“The wearing of life jackets by these two men certainly avoided a tragedy, vindicating the safe-boating message of wearing life jackets at all times.”

The incident with Yorke and Enright comes a little more than one month after former Miami Dolphins fullback Rob Konrad had a serious scare in the water.

Unlike Yorke and Enright, Konrad was not wearing a life vest. He was forced to swim nine miles over the course of 16 hours after falling off his boat off the coast of Palm Beach.

Miraculously, Konrad made it back to the shore alive.

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