SABRE Eye Wash Adapter

The following is a release from SABRE:

New from SABRE is the first and only device capable of turning any water bottle into an eye wash device.

The company developed the Eye Wash Adapter to help officers flush contaminants from their eyes. The patented design makes the water bottle model exclusive to SABRE and offers on-the-go convenience for law enforcement, first responders and more.

SABRE’s Eye Wash Adapter provides a simple solution to turn most water bottles into an eye wash device in just three steps:

  1. Insert Eye Wash Adapter into water bottle
  2. Twist device onto bottle to create a tight seal
  3. Gently squeeze the bottle to create a water fountain helping flush contaminants from the eye

One key benefit of the device, which retails for $9.99, is that it expedites the decontamination process during law enforcement aerosol projector training, but the product has many other applications.

SABRE’s Eye Wash Adapter’s use is not restricted to pepper spray – the device can flush any contaminants from the eye. Convenient and versatile, the Eye Wash Adapter is recommended for use in police cruisers, ambulances, fire trucks, homes, offices, workshops and more.

For more information on the Eye Wash Adapter and other products from SABRE, please visit

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