1.) Submerged Trees: Submerged trees and logs provide substantial cover for fish and crustaceans. Placing your baited basket near such things can ensure excellent success.

2.) Drainage Ditches Or Streams: Placing a fish basket near the mouth of a drainage ditch or stream will draw smaller fish and crustaceans from the ditch, as well as the larger fish from the surrounding waters coming into the ditch to feed upon them. If the stream or ditch is narrow enough, think about using your fish basket as a barrier trap.

3.) Rock Jetties: A jetty is an excellent place for fish to hide. Rock jetties also afford multiple hiding places for crustaceans. Placing your baited fish basket in close proximity to a rock jetty will draw fish and crustaceans from their hiding spots.

4.) Eddies: Eddies created at bends in a river or stream will oftentimes hold a substantial number of fish. It is an excellent practice to place your fish basket in these slack areas.

5.) Weed Beds: Small fish use the weed beds for cover. Larger fish often patrol the edges of such beds looking for fish unlucky enough to stray from cover. Placing your fish basket along the edges of these weed beds will definitely increase your chances.

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