National Prepper's & Survivalists Expo

Survival prepping is no longer the stuff of fringe elements obsessed with such trivialities as nuclear obliteration. Unrest both at home and abroad, combined with crazy weather, serve to drive mainstream Americans to devote a bit of thought to what they might do if the world goes sideways. As a result, survival gear and training have really taken off. At no place is that more noticeable than the National Preppers & Survivalists Expo.

The National Preppers & Survivalists Expo is a 2 day event focusing on the preparedness, self reliance, supplies and survival skills that are crucial when a catastrophe strikes. Natural disasters, man-made events and global unrest can trigger panic and disrupt our social or political order without warning.

Preparing for such emergencies can help you and your family survive if ever an event occurs. National Preppers & Survivalists Expo provides a forum where Emergency Preparedness Professionals (EPP’s) and survivalist can learn techniques designed for every skill set.

This year’s expo will feature demonstrations from expert survivalists including: Dave Canterbury, Jim Cobb, N.E. MacDougald and others.

The NPS Expo is an excellent place to learn new survival tactics as well as find innovative survival gear for any environment. From urban survival kits, to backwoods must-haves, the products that were debuted at past expos have gone on to become survival must-haves for many serious prepper and survivalists.

Early registration is now available for the 2015 National Preppers & Survivalists Expo, taking place on October 10 &11 at the Louisville Kentucky Exposition Center. For event and registration information visit, or call (504)281-4430.

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