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When John Moody and his wife began farming, they faced the problem of trying to improve their land’s soil. The solution to having a more successful growing season was building their own soil. The Moody’s goal was to build soil in an affordable and eco-friendly manner. But, one of the problems beginning and even intermediate growers face is how to take the various parts of soil building and turn them into a system that works over time and seasons to build and maintain good soil. After overcoming the obstacles that soil building threw at them, the Moody’s have come up with 10 ways to build better soil:

1. Use methods to build soil above and below ground at the same time.

2. Compost in place, rather than hauling it to a new area, so you enhance the ground under the compost.

3. Recycle materials like cardboard, coffee grounds, egg shells, greens and animal manure into compost.

4. Look beyond your homestead for mulching and composting materials. For example, tree-trimming companies that have chippers will often deliver wood chips for free to get rid of them.

5. Don’t be afraid to add too much mulch when building soil. It takes 6 to 8 inches of compost material to make 2 inches of good soil.

6. Among its many benefits, mulching encourages the soil-building process beneath it.

7. Plant cover crops, which act like nature’s tiller, breaking up the soil below ground and supplying valuable nutrients.

8. Try to create the right conditions so animals or microbes can build soil for you.

9. Use chickens and hogs to break up the soil.

10. Using compost, cover crops and small livestock together creates a synergistic effect on soil.

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