TEGs, solar panels, mechanical wind-up chargers and other back-up power providers useful to those spending time in the wild are coming to market almost every day. Be on the lookout for these five up-and-coming products!

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  1.  Freeplay’s FreeCharge mobile phone charger is an inexpensive, mechanical method of keeping a phone charged in a remote location. The 11-ounce product charges a cell phone directly by turning a crank. Roughly one minute of winding equals three minutes of talk time on your phone, giving you enough power in a short amount of time to call for help! (
  2. The VitalGrill is a survival stove that uses twigs and leaves for fuel and features a battery-powered, two-speed fan. The stove produces an impressive 20,000 BTUs, significantly more heat than most residential gas stove burners produce and twice as much heat as most camp stoves. The stove weighs 1.6 pounds and folds to make it smaller for backpackers. (
  3. Tegmart sells the Devil Watt’s line of TEGs as well as other thermoelectric products for use atop a woodstove (or atop a gas stove during a power outage). These products range in output from 10 to 45 watts and weigh between 3.3 to 20 pounds. All are intended for use in remote locations. (
  4. Anker makes 8-watt and 14-watt Portable Foldable Outdoor Solar Chargers for devices with a USB port. The 8-watt model measures 19.2 by 9.1 by 0.16 inches open. The 14-watt model measures 34.6 by 11.0 by 0.16 inches open and can charge two devices at the same time. Anker also makes a number of battery packs for charging smartphones. (
  5.  BioLite manufactures a large stove based on the CampStove. While the CampStove burns twigs and leaves, the BioLite BaseCamp burns wood and can produce sufficient heat for small groups. The big BaseCamp model weighs 17.9 pounds and provides 5 watts of power for charging devices with a USB port. The BaseCamp also contains a flexible LED light and dashboard. (

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