team tactics for two
It’s important to learn how to work together with your loved ones to effectively neutralize threats without injuring each other.

When partners work cooperatively in a tactical situation, their capabilities are multiplied. A two-person team can secure far more space at once, can move and shoot cooperatively and solve problems with far more security than a single person can alone. Gunsite Academy now offers Team Tactics For Two, a five-day course that will give you and your partner the skills to rapidly assess a threat and react accordingly.

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Team Tactics For Two takes shooting, moving and communicating to a new level. Students learn safe gun-handling skills in confined spaces, assessing and reacting to multiple threats, covering fire, continuity of fire, cooperative movement and ambush techniques. Extensive “square range” work will also be done in live-fire drills on paper and steel targets. These skills will then be applied in home invasion scenarios and carjacking scenarios. This course includes force-on-force exercises with Simunitions as well as live-fire training.

Students of Gunsite’s Team Tactics For Two course will have honed their skills cooperatively, and will be able to present a unified front to any potential threat, wherever and whenever it may occur. You’ll be able to shoot with accuracy, move with fluidity and communicate effectively to neutralize a threat to your home and family. (; 928-636-4565)

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This article was originally published in the SURVIVOR’S EDGE ™  Spring 2015 issue. Subscription is available in print and digital editions here.

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