For Dan Shechtman, what started out as an inexpensive way to heat his family’s home during the winter soon became a full-scale firewood business. However, the progression did not happen over night. Starting a successful firewood business took time and planning.

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If you are considering starting a firewood business of your own, consider these 10 tips:

1. You will need at least a half-ton pickup truck.

2. Buy a professional chainsaw, new or used.

3. Have storage space large enough to hold many cords of wood to season.

4. Safety first! Set up a safe and functional place to stage for cutting and splitting.

5. Line up a healthy bunch of sources of wood before starting the business.

6. Acquire an 8-pound maul and wedges.

7. If you can’t keep up with demand, look for a hydraulic splitter.

8. Buy and wear safety chaps, as well as good quality eye and ear protection.

9. Do not skimp! Purchase liability insurance.

10. Don’t neglect your record keeping so you can track sales, contact repeat customers and grow the business.

My journey through the firewood business has been a blast. I have been paid to play, and it doesn’t get any better than that. The benefits have been physical, psychological, financial, and yes, spiritual. Being in harmony with nature is like that. Good luck on your new and rewarding venture!

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