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Precise engineering, sleek designs and unforgettable feel are what hunters expect from Barnett Crossbows. Those qualities are certainly found in Barnett’s Recruit Series of crossbows. The Recruit is designed for youth and small-framed hunters. It is a lightweight, compact bow, yet the Barnett Recruit packs the punch to take down any game animal in any archery situation.

The Barnett Recruit fits a smaller-framed hunter, and it also offers enough adjustment to grow with a hunter to bridge the gap between the youth and adult hunter. Shoot a Barnett just once, and you’ll understand why crossbow hunters who have shot one refuse to compromise. While the Barnett Recruit is designed with the kids and mom in mind, don’t be surprised when dad opts to take the Recruit to the stand because he loves the lightweight, compact design and powerful punch.

Barnett Crossbows offers a variety of Recruit crossbow options.

Recruit Compound

The Recruit Compound has an awesome look with a sleek, black finish. This impressive weapon has a draw weight of 130 pounds that will send a bolt zipping to the target at 300 feet per second. It packs a wallop of 80 foot pounds of kinetic energy (FPKE).

The Recruit Compound weighs just 6.5 pounds. It is 35.25 inches long and 18 inches wide and has a 12.5-inch power stroke. It comes with a rope cocking device, a three-arrow quiver and three 20-inch Headhunter arrows.

Recruit Youth Crossbows

The Recruit Youth Crossbow is available in three models. All are 35 1/4 inches long and 18 1/8 inches wide and have a 12 ½-inch power stroke. They vary based on draw weights.

The Recruit Youth 100 has a draw weight of 100 pounds that will send a bolt downrange at 256 feet per second and produces an impressive 58 foot pounds of kinetic energy (FPKE). Young hunters easily handle the Recruit Youth 100, which weighs just 6.5 pounds. It comes standard with a Premium Red Dot Sight, a rope cocking device and a three-arrow quiver. The Recruit Youth 100 is also available in a Pink setup.A mid-range option is the Recruit Youth 60. It weighs slightly less at 6.2 pounds and has a draw weight of 60 pounds, yet the Recruit 60 packs plenty of punch. It shoots at 195 feet per second with 34 FPKE.

The perfect crossbow for young beginners is the Recruit 30. With a draw weight of 30 pounds, it shoots at 140 feet per second and with 17 FPKE.

Recruit Recurve

With a lightweight composite stock, the Barnett Recruit Recurve weighs just 4.9 pounds. This lightweight yet powerful crossbow features Barnett’s patented Quick Detach Limb Assembly. The Recruit Recurve comes standard with a Premium Red Dot Sight, a varying dot intensity sight that makes aiming simple and increases accuracy. Also included is a three-arrow quiver and three 18-inch aluminum arrows.

Innovation is what separates Barnett Crossbows from other options. Engineered with the hunter in mind, Barnett Crossbows incorporate lightweight materials, ergonomic design, durable construction and blazing fast power to produce precise shots consistently. This technology sets Barnett apart, features like a Finger Reminder and Pass-Through Foregrip, CNC machined Picatinny Rail for easy use of sights and scopes, CNC machined cam, lightweight composite stock, adjustable butt pad and anti-vibration foot stirrup.

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