HybridLight Expandable Lantern Flashlight & Charger
HybridLight's Expandable Lantern Flashlight & Charger

With a name like HybridLight, it comes as now surprise that the company specializes in modern flashlights that not only make the absolute most of their power, but are also environmentally friendly.

HybridLight recently released its Expandable Lantern Flashlight & Charger

Providing 75 lumens of bright LED, the Expandable Lantern Flashlight & Charger opens to more than 6 inches in height and closes to just 2.5 inches. It weights just 7 ounces.

One major feature of the Expandable Lantern Flashlight & Charger, as its name suggests, is that it features a USB port for the charging of mobile devices.

The Expandable Lantern Flashlight & Charger stays charged for eight hours of light on one full charge. It also comes with a built-in lithium back up battery.

HybridLight’s Expandable Lantern Flashlight & Charger takes eight to 10 hours to fully charge via solar charging and under two hours to fully charge via micro USB. It recharges with any light source or micro USB port for rapid charging.

Extremely durable and water resistant, the Expandable Lantern Flashlight & Charger retains 90 percent of its original power when stored for seven years.

The Expandable Lantern Flashlight & Charger retails for $39.95 and is available now.

For more information on the Expandable Lantern Flashlight & Charger and other products from HybridLight, please visit HybridLight.com.

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