Music seems to make everyday outings and homestead projects a little more enjoyable. Sure, you can hit the play button on your iPod or smartphone, plop in your earbuds (or put the device on speaker mode which often diminishes the sound quality), but then what? You are tethered to the device, which can make doing activities both difficult and dangerous.

Free Yourself

FRESHeTECH, All-Terrain Sound, All-Terrain Sound speaker

Here’s a solution to those mobile music/mobile phone blues. The All-Terrain Sound (ATS) is a portable and rugged Bluetooth speaker that allows users to either break away from the solitude of headphones or accept hands-free phone calls safely while driving. ATS is designed for the outdoor adventurer, gardener, farmer, motorist—you name it—who needs a speaker that can stand up to being knocked around!

The ATS is a ruggedized, weatherproof speaker that allows you to listen to your favorite music from your electronic device and answer phone calls safely when you’re on or off the road. The ATS is perfect for those times when headphones and earbuds would limit your situational awareness, which could prove dangerous. When riding a bike, for instance, the ATS speaker offers a way to listen to music or take calls while keeping both hands where they belong—no earbuds to keep pushing back into your ears, and no headphone cords to get caught up on the handlebars! The same applies for gardeners or home DIY’ers!

Ready For Action

FRESHeTECH, All-Terrain Sound, All-Terrain Sound speaker

The ATS’ specifications include a rechargeable lithium battery that allows for 12 hours of continuous use (fully charges in 90 minutes via Micro USB), waterproof design (IPX-5), Bluetooth 4.0 operation, and a heavy duty hanging clip. Easy-to-use control buttons allow users to skip, pause/play, answer/end calls and volume up/volume down. The ATS also features a built-in microphone for speakerphone use and a detachable suction cup for secure placement while on the go.

FRESHeTECH is an American company based in Orlando, Florida. Frustrated by a market cluttered with overpriced and sub-par products, TNP tips its cap to FRESHeTECH because it decided to choose freedom and design its own products in the USA! The ATS is only available online for $84.95.

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