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Never before in human history has a pathogen of the stature and malevolence of Ebola been unleashed upon a world characterized by dense population centers and widespread air travel. In the face of a dearth of data concerning this virus’ behavior, the medical community has developed some interesting strategies to lead the counterattack.

When it comes to Ebola, distance is life. Possessing the capacity to screen large numbers of travelers for fever in a quick and efficient fashion without physical contact can be instrumental in halting the spread of this deadly disease.

Fast Detection

A paramount aspect of preventing the spread of disease and saving lives is time—getting the sick the treatment they need and detecting medical problems in a speedy manner.

A revolutionary app from Opgal, an infrared imaging company, is helping to shave valuable seconds off of detection time. The mobile phone application Therm-App transforms Android smartphones into powerful thermal cameras capable of long-range thermography. With no intense installation needed, you can simply download the Therm-App application, attach the Therm-App device onto your Android phone, plug in the USB cable and begin screening.

The thermal images captured can be recorded and shared to create a backlog, allowing screeners to maintain a visual record to assist with contact tracing and subsequent quarantine, undoubtedly useful for medical professionals and their research of certain diseases.

Mobile Screening

One of the most valuable aspects of the Therm-App is its mobility. Medical professionals now have a unique tool in their toolbox when traveling or screening large numbers of people for communicable illnesses. The non-invasive Therm-App assists with pinpointing inflammation and sources of pain, the monitoring of localized conditions and the segregation of passengers with a high fever. Currently, the accuracy variance is +/- 3 degrees. While skin emissivity levels vary from person to person and can influence the accuracy and effectiveness of the reading, Therm-App still stands as a critical step forward in mobile temperature screening.

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