Brite-Strike Hunter's Survival Key Fob

Brite-Strike Technologies Inc. is constantly innovating incredible survival tools for the outdoors.

The company’s newest survival product is the new Hunter’s Survival Key Fob. The survival tool was developed with hunters and outdoor enthusiasts in mind and is one of the ultimate survival tools in the hunting community.

In the palm of your hand, the Hunter’s Survival Key Fob contains multiple lifesaving items for the active hunter. The key fob includes a fire starter rod and jute tinder allowing users to start a fire, keep warm and cook whatever fish or wild game they catch.

The Hunter’s Survival Key Fob contains a sharp mini knife blade wrapped with a super thin, highly durable Kevlar line (200-pound limit) located within the Paracord. The knife blade can be assembled as a small spear, used to clean small game, or for other lifesaving practices.

The Hunter Survival Key Fob also includes two fishing hooks, 20 feet of fishing line, approximately 12 feet of Mil Spec Paracord and one APALS Line Light.

The Line Light’s long lasting power and strobe options make an excellent illumination device for search and rescue locators. The Line Light is conveniently stored on the key fob’s carabineer and only weighs 0.18 ounces, which can replace heavy flashlights and headlamps, providing more space in your hunting pack. The Line Light’s are waterproof down to 200 feet, and have a marine grade UV protected PVC pouch with 3M adhesive, sticking to numerous natural and man-made materials.

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  • 1 APALS Line Light
    • 200 hours of operational runtime
    • Visibility up to one mile
    • High output, long life LED
    • Additional Box of APALS Line Lights is $48.00 (not included)
  • Fire starter rod
  • Jute tinder
  • Mini knife blade wrapped with super thin Kevlar Line (200lb.)
  • Two fishing hooks
  • 20 feet fishing line
  • One Line Light
  • Approximately 12 feet Mil Spec Paracord
  • MSRP is $40.00

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