Don Adams, an electrical engineer from northern Kentucky, is the father of Dan Adams, founder of the online homesteading marketplace and social network In 2010, while Earthineer was still in its infancy, Don posted his “Grumpy Old Man’s Manifesto.” In it, he said, “The so called ‘economy of scale’ and ‘mass production of food’ now rampant in our society may not ultimately be the ‘best course’ for us as individuals.”

1 Grow and preserve your own food no matter the scale of space or resources you have available. Start small and build it up over time.

2  Assess and find ways to reduce your levels of energy use.

3  Find ways to go entirely DC by switching to low-energy devices. Use LED lighting where possible, which
is more affordable now than ever.

Where you can, power your homestead with solar panels and other alternative energy sources.

5  Don’t wait for new technology to come to you. Do it yourself!

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6  Develop a barter/trade circle. Trade what you produce, share resources and offer goods and services to your circle as “currency.”

7  Get creative with alternative forms of transportation. Current advances in battery technology are making electric vehicles more reliable, particularly for short-range vehicles such as farm trucks.

8  Don’t just power your home with solar, but find ways to store solar energy for use in household products.

9  Reverse engineer existing items and DIY your own simple products to avoid spending big bucks on store-bought items.

10  Spread the word. Research, share ideas and inspire others to try and live the sustainable good life!

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