FEMA Severe Weather Preparation Toolkit wildfire
Your community may have a designated wildfire season. FEMA urges residents to know the risks!

FEMA recently released its severe weather preparation toolkit, detailing how you can prepare for the worst Mother Nature has to offer.

Here is a quick glimpse at the new toolkit:

For more social media content to help you get prepared for severe weather check out the National Weather Service (NWS) social media #SevereWeatherPrep toolkit.

Know Your Risk

  • Severe weather can strike any time of the year. Are you prepared? Follow @Readygov: http://go.usa.gov/3x95d #SevereWeatherPrep
  • During severe weather Wireless #EmergencyAlerts can save your life. Watch how: http://youtu.be/wDpcGypv2_U
  • Wireless Emergency Alerts are automatic texts sent to you in an emergency; no sign-up required: ready.gov/alerts
  • Sign-up for @Twitter Alerts from @FEMA for critical information in real-time: https://twitter.com/fema/alerts #SevereWeatherPre

Take Action

  • Watches=severe weather is possible. Warnings=severe conditions have begun or will begin soon. #SevereWeatherPrep
  • Talk with your kids about #SevereWeatherPrep. Know the facts: http://go.usa.gov/3xkJF [attach graphic 1]
  • Make a plan to connect during severe weather by text, e-mail, social media & cell. #SevereWeatherPrep [attach graphic 2]
  • #SevereWeatherPrep tips: Only travel if necessary, keep phones charged, check on neighbors, & bring pets indoors.
  • Pack an emergency kit for each person and pet traveling in your car: www.ready.gov/cars #SevereWeatherPrep

FEMA continues to outline severe weather plans for floods, tornadoes, wildfires and more. To download the rest of the severe weather preparation toolkit, please visit Community.FEMA.gov.

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