FEMA Severe Weather Preparation Toolkit wildfire

FEMA recently released its severe weather preparation toolkit, detailing how you can prepare for the worst Mother Nature has to offer.

Here is a quick glimpse at the new toolkit:

For more social media content to help you get prepared for severe weather check out the National Weather Service (NWS) social media #SevereWeatherPrep toolkit.

Know Your Risk

  • Severe weather can strike any time of the year. Are you prepared? Follow @Readygov: http://go.usa.gov/3x95d #SevereWeatherPrep
  • During severe weather Wireless #EmergencyAlerts can save your life. Watch how: http://youtu.be/wDpcGypv2_U
  • Wireless Emergency Alerts are automatic texts sent to you in an emergency; no sign-up required: ready.gov/alerts
  • Sign-up for @Twitter Alerts from @FEMA for critical information in real-time: https://twitter.com/fema/alerts #SevereWeatherPre

Take Action

  • Watches=severe weather is possible. Warnings=severe conditions have begun or will begin soon. #SevereWeatherPrep
  • Talk with your kids about #SevereWeatherPrep. Know the facts: http://go.usa.gov/3xkJF [attach graphic 1]
  • Make a plan to connect during severe weather by text, e-mail, social media & cell. #SevereWeatherPrep [attach graphic 2]
  • #SevereWeatherPrep tips: Only travel if necessary, keep phones charged, check on neighbors, & bring pets indoors.
  • Pack an emergency kit for each person and pet traveling in your car: www.ready.gov/cars #SevereWeatherPrep

FEMA continues to outline severe weather plans for floods, tornadoes, wildfires and more. To download the rest of the severe weather preparation toolkit, please visit Community.FEMA.gov.

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