1. Always wear a welding helmet with a dark filter lens.

2. Cover up your arms and legs. Wear a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, heavy, dry leather work gloves and a leather work apron.

3. Always wear protective ear plugs.

4. Make sure the work area is well ventilated.

5. Be sure no flammable materials are nearby.

6. Do not work next to the welding power source.

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7. Do not operate a welder with covers removed.

8. Disconnect input power before servicing your welder.

9. Do not touch electrically live parts.

10. Do not touch the electrode or metal parts of the electrode holder with skin or wet clothing.

11. Keep dry insulation between your body (including arms and legs) and the metal being welded or ground (i.e., metal floor, wet ground).

12. Keep your welding cable and electrode holder in good condition. Repair or replace any damaged insulation.

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