Rock Island Armory S605 PA Shotgun
The Rock Island Armory S605 PA Shotgun in camo

A quality 12 gauge shotgun for the outdoors isn’t always easy to come by, but one of Rock Island Armory’s latest offerings is definitely one to consider.

The Rock Island Armory S605 PA Shotgun offers a very true throwback to the old classic High Standard Flite King shotgun design.

Designed specifically for the outdoors, Rock Island Armory has given the S605 PA a camo finish.

The S605 PA 12 gauge, pump action shotgun is composed of a precision reamed ordnance steel barrel and holds up to five rounds.

At 7.5 pounds unloaded, the S605 PA Shotgun allows for an easy carry as a relatively lightweight shotgun. It also has an overall length of 40 inches, with a barrel length of 20 inches.

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