Tom Bihn makes some of the toughest and most reliable bags in the world, so it’s no wonder why outdoorsmen turn to Bihn for the best backpacks.

Bihn’s Smart Alec is a modular backpack system that has endless customizable options that allow users to carry their gear with a variety of interior and exterior organizational pockets.

The Smart Alec features 13 webbing loops on its front and an included removable black bungee make it easy to secure a rain jacket, umbrella, yoga mat, or bike helmet to the front of the bag.

Ride your motorcycle or bike or walk at night with your Smart Alec? Add a Glowire electroluminescent wire kit, which you can weave through these new loops.

Designed to attach to the webbing loops are the optional Upper Modular Pocket, Lower Modular Pocket, and 1-inch Gate Keeper Straps. Each adds extra carrying capacity and custom organization to the Smart Alec.

The Upper Modular Pocket adds an extra two-plus liters of volume to the Smart Alec. Inside there are four small organizer pouches sized for the things to which the user needs quick access: smartphone, keys, multitool, flashlight.

Also included are two interior O-rings so the user can attach keys or pouches or what-have-you.

The Lower Modular Pocket adds an extra three-plus liters of volume to the Smart Alec. It fits two one-liter water bottles, or one water bottle and other stuff, or just a lot of other stuff. Inside are two o-rings and an open-top organizer pocket sized for a wallet.

The 1-inch Gate Keeper Straps can replace the front bungee included with the Smart Alec with these straps (or leave the bungee in place and install the straps over the bungee). It is useful for securing large/bulky items to the front or top of the Smart Alec.

The Smart Alec has webbing loops for accommodating up to five 1-inch Gate Keeper Straps. Wondering how many you need? Tom uses two 1-inches Gate Keeper Straps to secure his snowshoes to the front of a Smart Alec.

For more information on the Smart Alec, including a detailed list of features and customizable options, please visit

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