If you’re an avid outdoorsman in need of a fire starter, Coghlan’s Outdoor Accessories has you covered. Their easy-to-use 7870 Magnesium Fire Starter generates hundreds of fires from a flame source of 5400°F (2982°C). To use this product, simply take your knife and position it at 90° angle to the magnesium block. Then, scrape off magnesium shavings into the tinder pile you wish to ignite. After that, hold the fire starter with the built-in flint striker up at about a 45° angle within an inch of the shavings. Using the back side of your knife, scrape the length of the flint striker to create sparks which will ignite the magnesium shavings.

About Coghlan’s

Coghlan’s Ltd. is recognized as the world leader in outdoor camping accessories. Founded in 1959 and based in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada; Coghlan’s is a family owned company and has built its reputation on core values of product quality and innovation.

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