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The Brownells 72-Hour Food and Water kit contains all the food and water required to sustain one person for three days indoors in case of an emergency.

The Brownells 72-Hour Food and Water Kit includes a 24-pak of Blue Can Water that is guaranteed to stay fresh for up to 50 years. It also includes a 3-day supply of Mountain House freeze-dried food that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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The kit is a must-have when faced with earthquake. According to the EMBC, in preparation for earthquake emergencies, you must be prepared to be self-sufficient for at least three days, because local officials and relief workers won’t be able to arrive at the scene immediately. It’s also important that you assemble similar emergency kits for every person in your family as well as pets. In addition, make sure your house is safe before disaster hits by securing appliances, furniture and heavy objects.

According to Ready, the kit should be placed in a cool and dry place, and items should be kept in airtight plastic bags to ensure no damage occurs. Stored water should be changed every six months. Most importantly, everything should be in one easy-to-carry backpack.

When earthquake hits and you are trapped inside, you must count to 60 to allow time for objects to fall before moving. Then remain calm and stay under sturdy furniture. Make sure you are not injured or harmed, and try to help others around you if you have first aid training.

You can build your own emergency survival kit, but the Brownells 72-Hour Food & Water Kit is now on sale on the Brownells website. The kit not only saves you money, but there is nothing better than knowing you have the numerous essential items neatly put together in a package and you would not have to make separate purchases.

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