Winchester AA Shotshells AA TrAAcker AA Steel
The Winchester AA TrAAcker and AA Steel

Winchester and ammunition go hand in hand.

Winchester AA shotshells have been an industry favorite for years for trap, skeet and sporting clays.

Dubbed the “ultimate target load,” Winchester is now offering legendary AA performance with its recent innovations: AA TrAAcker and AA Steel.

The Winchester design features a highly reloadable plastic hull that offers consistent performance and gives shooters confidence in every shot they make.

AA TrAAcker wads actually stay centered in the pattern all the way to the target. The shot-trap core design captures a portion of the shot to stabilize the wad. the unique dove-tail petals allows the wad to spin-stabilize and track in the center of the pattern.

The AA TrAAcker wads are available in bright orange for low light conditions and in black for bright light conditions.

The AA Steel offers the same level of legendary Winchester performance with high velocity steel shot.

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