Easy Screen is a fabric storm panel that safeguards your home when a hurricane hits. It has become popular as an effective alternative to traditional plywood or shutters. Watch the short video above to learn the easy steps to install a Easy Screen.

To minimize damage to your home during a hurricane, windows and doors should be boarded up with plywood or covered with approved storm shutters. However, putting up plywood or storm shutters is time consuming and may require more than one person to lift heavy panels into place. Taking the time to board up your home when a hurricane is approaching and evacuation is imminent is not always wise.

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The Easy Screen is cost effective, convenient, and code approved. As with all Storm Catcher products, the Easy Screen lets light in and provides visibility preventing the cave-like effect that comes along with many other storm protection products.

Simply slide the light-weight screen into the track along the top and fasten the straps and buckles along either the sides, the bottom or both. It’s that easy. There are no tools required and no fasteners to lose, or even keep track of.

Because of its light weight, the screens can be installed by anyone. The strong and flexible material lends itself to a wide array of convenient, easy to install applications, all of which meet stringent Florida, Texas and International Building Codes as well as meeting insurance premium reduction criteria. The flexibility afforded by Storm Catcher provides solutions other products simply cannot offer, allowing you to overcome design problems created by irregular shaped openings.

The Storm Catcher line of products are rigorously tested and approved before they are released for use in the hurricane protection market place. You can learn more about Storm Catcher Easy Screen here.

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