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Severe flooding and tornadoes in parts of the United States have already ushered in spring storm season. The Red Cross is providing shelter and assistance for the community residents who need it.

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Arizona – Multi-Family Fire
A multi-family fire displaced 4 families in Maricopa County yesterday. The Red Cross provided the impacted residents with lodging, food and clothing.

Alabama – Multi-Family Fire
Two apartments were affected and eight individuals were displaced due to a fire in Baldwin County yesterday. The American Red Cross provided needed services for the impacted clients such as helping with lodging and casework support.

Kentucky – Hazardous Material Incident
A chemical reaction in Shelbyville created a hazardous environment within a multi family building and prompted an evacuation of approximately fifteen homes yesterday. Nearly 40 people were displaced. The Red Cross opened a shelter for the displaced residents and are supporting ongoing needs.

North Carolina – Multi-Family Fire
An apartment fire affected thirty units and displaced nearly 80 individuals in the city of Thomasville yesterday. Local Red Cross disaster workers were on site to assess the situation and determine the necessary assistance to be provided.

Pennsylvania – Multi-Family Fire
An apartment fire displaced three families in the city of Johnstown on Monday. Local Red Cross disaster workers met with two of the three families at the scene, and will continue to support all impacted families.

Wisconsin – Multi-Family Fire
A twelve unit apartment fire displaced about 20 people in Milwaukee yesterday. The building lost power as a result of the fire. The Red Cross provided food, clothing, lodging and transportation for the affected families. Follow up will be done today to ensure all needs are met.

Major Weather Developments that may impact Red Cross units:
Source: FEMA Situation Report

South Area: Rain, severe thunderstorms including hail and locally damaging winds are forecast
West Area: Rain, thunderstorms and snow are expected
Northeast Area: Rain is forecast
Midwest Area: Rain and snow are expected

Louisiana – Floods and Tornadoes
Severe weather caused flooding and tornado activity that threatened several parishes and affected hundreds of residents on Monday. The American Red Cross communicated with local Emergency Personnel Offices, opened shelters, assessed client’s needs and will be providing shelter, food and bulk distribution today and going forward as needed.

Texas – Floods and Tornadoes
A strong thunderstorm cell and tornado affected dozens of homes and left residents without power in Grimes County on Monday. The Red Cross is providing shelter, food, casework, bulk distribution and support services to affected residents.

Wisconsin – Multi-Family Fire
Multiple units of an apartment were destroyed and affected scores of residents in the city of Green Bay. The Red Cross was notified and provided shelter, food, casework, bulk distribution and support services for affected residents.

If you’d like to support American Red Cross efforts at home and across the globe, donate to American Red Cross Disaster Relief to help people affected by disasters big and small.

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