Cottage Grove, Oregon-based manufacturer StoveTec has released the brand new FireFly Lantern, a revolutionary dual biomass-burning lantern/cookstove hybrid that features a collapsible, lightweight, extremely efficient, clean-burning design.

The FireFly lantern measure 6 1/4in x 4 3/4in while fully collapsed and 11in x 4 3/4in (excluding detachable base support) when extended for use. Simply put, it’s the perfect portable lantern/cookstove for easy outdoor cooking and lighting needs.

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This product comes with a durable stainless steel base support, a stove unit, a combustion chamber, a lantern unit with removable glass cylinder and a stove top. MSRP is $81.00. Watch the video below to see the FireFly Lantern in action.

About StoveTec

StoveTec’s mission is to deliver clean and efficient cook stoves to the nearly 3 billion people that currently cook over an open fire or an unimproved cook stove. 1.6 million people, 85% of which are women and children, die every year from inhaling the smoke emitted by open fires or unimproved cook stoves.

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StoveTec’s mission is to also provide fuel efficient cook stoves for survival situations when traditional fuels may not be available or are in short supply, camping and other recreational uses as well as efficient stoves for commercial and mass cooking needs.

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