New Pioneer Spring 2015

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THE NEW PIONEER Spring 2015, issue #193



Rough Draft Farmstead By Jamie Aramini
Cash poor but idea rich, the Crabtrees are making their off-grid dreams come true, one page at a time.

City Slickers Go Country By Evin Galbraith
Keys to making the transition and start living
the rural homesteader’s dream life!

Garden Goofs By Evin Galbraith
Avoid seven common pitfalls with these off-green-thumb trials and tribulations from the Newbie Pioneers.

Berry Smart Farming By Gerard Attoun
For good health and some extra cash, learn to grow and sell chokeberries the Bellbrook Farm way.

Raising Super-Fine Swine By Melissa K. Norris
How to pasture-raise ’em to enjoy their natural tilling talents and…fine hams, bacon, and so much more!

Holistic Farming By Jeremiah Tucker
Let Otter Creek’s organic farm doc prescribe you all that’s needed to reap the most from your land and livestock.

Building Bountiful Backyards By John Moody
With chickens, tunnels, mulch, portable fencing and more, your small-plot dream garden awaits!

Compost Cookery By “Roadkill” Gil Lackey
Give your soil a boost with
this proven winner of a recipe for the gardener’s “black gold.”

Alligator Ranching By John E. Phillips
Get inspired by Insta-Gator’s owner
John Price, who ditched the business suit and hatched a thriving homestead biz!

Food Plots By 4X4 By J. Wayne Fears
Ride your way to a sustainable food source with this rural land plan for planting big-game hunting magnets.

Hinge-Cut Better Habitat By Tes Randle Jolly
Here’s how to give nature a nudge to create bedding cover and hunting hot spots in your neck of the woods.

Daily Off-Grid Grind By Rex Ewing
Find out if you have the stamina and frugalness to successfully cut the cord.

Sustainable Tomorrows By Jereme Zimmerman
Learn how to really make a difference one energy-saving project at a time.

Homemade Portable Power By Michael R. Shea
Learn to build simple solar charges that will energize your personal devices anywhere you roam!

Maximized Mini Farms By Bill Hart
These four urbaneering couples are proof that you can attain self-sufficiency on a ¼ acre or less!

Healing Hearts Through Art By Len Waldron
Learn of and join Elder Heart’s mission to put an end to the 22 veteran suicides that occur every day.

Legendary Rockers By Marti Attoun
Meet the Bump family, cranking out all-American, original rocking chairs since1870.

Old Pioneer Sourdough By Melissa K. Norris
Traditional bread baking with your own starter takes time, but assuredly, the benefits far outweigh the wait!

Apple Outlaws By Barbara Delbol
The folks at Thompson Creek Organics are stewards of the land and giving back bushel loads to local causes.

At-Home Freeze Drying By Gerard Attoun
See how Harvest Right’s appliance can help you stuff the pantry with meals that last for 20+ years.


Five Short & Sweet Fixed Blades By Denis Prisbrey
Because bigger doesn’t always mean better for ‘stead chores!

Sturdy Herb Drying Rack By Bob Denman
Spice up your country kitchen or fire pit with this multi-purpose, hand-forged hanger!

Welding Workshop By Michael R. Shea
Strike up the handiest homesteading skill—shielded metal arc stick welding!

Artifact Finding Mission By John E. Phillips
Not always a game of “finders keepers,” but going on the hunt can yield profits, fun and lore for all people to enjoy.

Build Your Dream Cabin By J. Wayne Fears
From Trapper’s-style movables to traditional Appalachians, here is the blueprint to hand-built backwoods getaways!

Woodsman’s Almanac By Gerard Attoun
Tricks of the backwoods trade to make your adventures safer and more enjoyable.

Pole Position By N.E. MacDougald
Save wear and tear on your body by choosing the right set of sticks for your next backcountry trek.

Taming Ticks By Dana Benner
Backyard or backwoods, Green Mountain’s all-natural tick repellent has you and your pets covered!

It Worked For Me By Tammy Trayer & Nino Bosaz
Simple DIY projects to save you money and make life on the homestead more enjoyable.

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