New Pioneer Summer 2015

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THE NEW PIONEER Summer 2015, issue #199



Heads of the Cheese Class By Jeremiah Tucker
The Murphys of Wisconsin reclaimed their unproductive 25 acres into an award-winning organic cheesery.

Woodland Farm’s Winning Ways By Dana Benner
With heritage foods and land preservation efforts, this historic Kentucky farm can’t be beat.

Farm Pond Overhaul By Keith “Catfish” Suttton
With this proven expert advice, you too can create your own slice of fishing heaven.

DIY Veggie Trellis By Amy Grisak
Help your veggies grow up, up, up—and healthier and tastier than ever!

Going Costal By Kevin Estela
A guide to gathering and cooking survival food in and around the sea.

Raising Orchard Bees By Melissa K. Norris
Use mason bees to pollinate your fruit trees, flowers and veggie garden.

Making Beewax Candles By Michael DeVaughn
A fun and easy project that can “naturally” light up your home or your flea market table!

1/4-Acre Mini Farm By Carrie Gayne
Enjoy super fresh eats and farm stand profit with this strategic planting game plan.

Making Berry Sweet Memories By Serah Keating
Get back to your roots. Start and heirloom strawberry patch with your child!

Think, Build and Grow Inside the Box By J. Wayne Fears
Tight on space? Try these plans for a sturdy, three-tiered, raised garden box.

Anatomy of a Fruitful Food Forest By Nicole Luttrell
Mimic Mother Nature’s ways to grow and harvest more with less work.

Solar-Charged Liberators By N.E. MacDougald
A young business reflects the owners’ passion for self-reliance, the wilderness and off-grid technology.

Off-Grid Pellet Power By Rex Ewing
WiseWay’s portable, non-electric pellet stove brings on the cheap heat and much more!

Wine Barrel Storage Bin By Kelly L. Bosaz
Make feeding a hungry wood pellet stove easier on your back and eyes—hit the Winery!

Remote Recharge By Dana Benner
Small, lightweight and powerful, the Sunjack charges your gizmos anywhere the sun shines!

Purely Traditional Archery By Stuart Brannan
From pig farmer to longbow master, Steve Thomson’s “Way of the Bow” life journey is one for the ages.

Start a Food Buying Club By John Moody
Connect farm to fork and give your family, friends and local growers control over the food you eat.

Pressure Canning Handbook By Jill J. Easton
A beginner’s guide to stuffing the homestead pantry with jars full of delicious and nutritious meals.

Brewing Ancient Honey Beer By Jereme Zimmerman
Want something to “bragot” about with friends and family? Follow this simple, homegrown recipe.

Backwoods Metal Maverick By Lyn Howard
See how Bob Powell uses his computer savvy to make artisan tools for today’s homesteader.

Steady As She Goes By Serah Keating
A mother’s guide to preparing and protecting the rural nest so she and her family will prevail.

Homestead Tool Shed By Evin Galbraith
Eleven must-haves for tackling the most common DIY repairs and chores on your land.

Reclaim Your Workspace By Will Dabbs
Bring your tools back from the salvage heap with this revolutionary rust remover.

Forging A D-Shackle By Bob Denman
Make a connect-it-all piece of hardware that’ll have you hanging, lifting and pulling stuff in an hour’s time.

Lamson Sharp By Steven Dick
Legendary cutlery maker Lamson & Goodnow forges on for modern pioneers in camp, kitchen or field.

Farm Country Fixed Blades By Steven Dick
TOPS’ Overlander 2 brings a belt-load of reliability to your backcountry chores!

Low-Cost Log Cabins By Tom Irons
Been-there, done-that advice to help make your off-grid dream cabin a reality!

Woodsman’s Almanac By Jason Schwartz of Rocky Mountain Bushcraft with Keith Sutton
Sage tricks and advice for when you find yourself in a back-of-beyond predicament.

It Worked For Me By Donna Allgaier-Lamberti & Karrie Steely
Make the most of mulberries, a rainwater irrigation system and a garden critter repellant.


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