The New Pioneer Winter 2015, Issue #188

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THE NEW PIONEER Winter 2015, issue #188


Small Plot Organic Jackpot By Gerard Attoun
Take a page from the Spangenbergs of Missouri who really do know how to grow more with less!

It’s a Butte-iful Life By Lyn Howard
How the Russell family restored an Oregon treasure to keep its historic millstones grinding out a bright future.


Optimize the Organic Way By Jay Pinsky
Farm-to-table-fresh farming tips from Whiffletree’s Jesse Straight and alternative-farming guru Joel Salatin!

The Family Dairy Cow By Lyn Howard
Your guide to picking and milking the ultimate source for fresh, nutrient-rich milk!

Peony Up For Profit By Barbara Delbol
Let Buck Canyon Gardens show you how to plant and market deer-resistant beauties!

Kick-start Sad Soil By John Moody
Reap the most from your land in rapid fashion, with compost, mulch, cover crops and small livestock.

Life On the Worm Farm By “Roadkill” Gil Lackey
Simple gardener’s guide to building your own black gold and fertilizers the all-natural and wiggly way!

Supercharged Fruit Trees By Amy Grisak
For bountiful backyard orchards, learn how to put beneficial fungi to work in your soil!

Pruning Pointers By Gregory McNamee
Don’t be a hack! Learn to safely trim the dead stuff to keep your land’s trees thriving.

Turkeys From your Own Haven By Ron Jolly
For sport or wildlife viewing pleasure, here’s how to build a wild turkey sanctuary on your land!


Off-Grid Expectations By Rex Ewing
Separate fact from fiction when deciding whether fully cutting utility ties is your homestead’s best power play!

Cordwood Cottages By Richard Flatau
For the DIY’er with access to softwood, this old-school building technique is one way to live the debt-free dream life.

Green Jobs By Gregory McNamee
Well-paying, exciting work is out there in an industry looking for new pioneers with a can-do attitude.

Crank Up A Firewood Biz By Dan Schechtman
Boost your income and slash your heating bills with elbow grease and this been-there, done-that biz plan.


Rocky Mountain Wine By Rex Ewing
How the Hellecksons ditched city life and transformed a run-down vineyard into the award-winning Stone Cottage Cellars!

Craft A Custom Chair By Dave Boyt
Let our resident lumber guru show you the joys of making rustic, slab-wood furniture.

Flour Milling 101 By Tammy Trayer
Get to grinding your own! You’ll save dough and be making dough to bake super-healthy breads and pizza crusts!

Jerky Maker’s Handbook By J. Wayne Fears
Your pioneer kitchen is incomplete without this simple guide to preparing safe and tasty anytime eats!

Survival Gardens By Steven Dick
Take a page from the Native Americans’ sustenance playbook and grow what it takes to feed your family year round.


Makin’ A Hay Hauler By Joseph Nold
Have a field day—literally—with this small-farm-friendly monster pitchfork on wheels!

Forging Die Hacke By Bob Denman
Out of a piece of salvaged farm tractor steel comes a hardworking, versatile and everlasting German hoe for the homestead.

Modern-Day Trailblazer By Bill Vaznis
Meet the self-made young man who went out on limb to revolutionize the way bowmen ensure clean shots.


Feel the Gold Rush By Cork Graham
Let this claim-staking and panning primer be your guide to striking placer gold for fun and fortune!

Tenkara On the Fly By Steve Hickoff
Ditch the reel and try the Japanese method of flyfishing for simple and successful angling adventures.

Backup Bivy Shelters By N.E. MacDougald
Instant shelter solutions when Mother Nature turns on you in the backwoods!

Woodsman’s Almanac By David Maccar
Fall and winter outdoor tips to make the most of your time in the field and at camp!

Fire-Making Finesse By Dave Canterbury
Think outside the box and into nature’s hands the next time you need to strike up survival flames.

It Worked For Me By Karrie Steely and J. Wayne Fears
Simple DIY projects to save you time and money and make life more enjoyable at the homestead.

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