GroundEFX MX50 Metal Detector

GroundEFX is one of the most prominent metal detector manufacturers in the world.

The company features four different series of metal detectors, release a brand new series for 2015: The Storm Series.

The first metal detector in the Storm Series is the MX50, made with a new light weight, easy to use frame.

The MX50 features a large, simple to use digital backlit interface.

Eight metal categories and adjustable discrimination put the MX50 in a different category. It also has three elimination modes: All-Metal, Coin and Jewelry.

A quick release extension rod adds up to 14 inches to the metal detector.

The MX50 also features the following:

  • Four individual HD audio tones
  • Signal strength and depth indicators in pinpoint mode
  • Can detect quarter sized coins up to 8 inches away
  • 8-inch submersible coil

Completely ambidextrous for right or left-handed use, the MX50 uses six AA-Cell Alkaline batteries (not included).

For more information on the MX50 and other products from GroundEFX, please visit

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